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Tianji is taken from the middle sentence of Su Shi's "Huanx

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"Tianji" is taken from Su Shi's "Huanxi Sha" sentence "Shangdang is always the ridge of the world". "Tianji" brand won the well-known trademark of China in 2002. Tianji Group Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on August 8, 1998. It is a subsidiary company of Tianji Group. Relying on the geographical resources and technological advantages of the group company, Tianji Group introduced its management mode in an all-round way, which has unique development conditions. The company's main products are industrial calcium nitrate, agricultural calcium nitrate (high-efficiency ammonia fertilizer), calcium ammonium nitrate, medium element water-soluble fertilizer and a series of water treatment agents and other fine chemical products. (Responsible Editor:admin)
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