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25Kg Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

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Molecular formula: Ca(NO3)2.4H_2O molecular weight: 236.15
Effective ingredient content: total nitrogen (> 11.0%) calcium oxide (> 23%)
Performance characteristics: This product is an international high-tech product without hormones, which is carefully developed according to the growth law of fruits, vegetables, tobacco, cotton and crops and the nutritional characteristics required. Its high calcium content, is a super concentrated, fast calcium and nitrogen supplementation of quick-acting fertilizer, but also detoxification and detoxification, is no other fertilizer efficacy. It has unique health effects on the root, stem, leaf, flower and fruit of fruit trees.
This product has the physiological activity of activating plant and fruit cells, protecting flowers and fruits, increasing fruit sweetness and vitamin C content, good coloring, well-added fruit type, hard and non-lasting, storage and transportation resistance, increase yield by 23-52%. It can effectively inhibit and resist the invasion of fruit cracking, canker, anthrax, scab, pedicle rot, yellow leaf, lobule, fruit cracking and malformed fruit.
The function of calcium is to ensure the normal and healthy growth of tender tissues (leaves, stalks, roots), to ensure the color and firmness of fruits. Calcium plays a key role in the formation and maintenance of cell membranes and cell walls, so the rapid growth of fruit trees requires a lot of calcium. Spraying Tianji Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer can effectively solve the symptoms of calcium deficiency and prevent fruit cracking. Tianji Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer has excellent anti-cracking effect and is known as an expert on anti-cracking.
Technical Indicators of Calcium Nitrate for Agricultural Use:
Items and indicators
First-class goods
The mass fraction of nitrate nitrogen /%> 11.5 11.0
The mass fraction of water-soluble calcium /%> 16.0
The mass fraction of water insoluble substance /%<0.5
The mass fraction of chloride ion /%<0.015
The mass fraction of free water /%<4.0
PH (50g/L) Aqueous Solution 5.0-7.0
Usage method:
Crops are resistant to the following symptoms
Apple, pear, jujube, peach, citrus, banana 300-500 times after flowering, three times before bagging, two times during swelling stage, bitter pox, pox spot, water heart disease, fruit shrinkage, anthrax, brown spot
Pepper, cucumber, strawberry, grape 400-500 times 3-5 times dry edge, umbilical rot, flower topping, root blight
Chinese cabbage, cabbage, spinach, celery, onion 200-300 times 3-4 times dry heartburn, soft rot, hollow rot, heart rot, black stem disease, root rot
Radish, garlic, onion, mustard, jujube seedlings, flowers 200-300 times 3-4 times root rot, stem rot, leaf spot
Peanut, potato, eggplant, tomato and cotton 300-400 times 3-4 times yellow leaf disease, yellowish brown disease and fruit drop disease of jujube seedlings
Notes: 1. Spray evenly, spray on sunny days, and spray again in case of rain.
2. Use alone or in combination with pesticides, except alkaline pesticides and herbicides.
3. The maximum dilution multiple should be used in spraying at tender leaf stage.
4. This product is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, but it does not affect the effect and dissolves quickly in water.
5. Storage in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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