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Water-soluble Fertilizer Sufeng 88

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To create brand by quality and win market by brand - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Registration Certificate Number: Agricultural Fertilizer (2016) Linzi 11190 Implementation Standard: NY2206-2012
Potassium fulvic acid
Fruit and vegetable treasures
Specialized crop care
Net content: 25 kg
Tianji Group Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Product performance:
1. Water-soluble, fast absorption, promotion of nutrient transformation, soil improvement and resistance to heavy cropping.
2. The products play a very significant role in improving the soil and releasing the fixed P and K fertilizers in the soil.
3. Enhance photosynthesis, promote the symmetry of germination, promote the growth of plant leaves and roots, increase chlorophyll content, and improve cold resistance.
4. Fast expansion, even elongation, effective prevention of deformity, cracking, hollow, stiff fruit.
5. Improving the toughness of pericarp cells and improving the storage and transportation performance of fruits.
Scope of application:
This product is suitable for calcium-loving crops, especially as foliar fertilizer sprayed on fruits, vegetables, melons and fruits and other cash crops.
Recommended usage and dosage:
The product is 8-10 kg per mu. After dilution with water, it is suitable to wet the soil with irrigation at the root or with irrigation. Generally, it is used 3-5 times during the whole growth period, depending on the fertilizer requirement of the crop.
Drip irrigation: 5-8 kg per mu, first diluted with water, then drip irrigation, can safely replace chemical fertilizer, water-saving agriculture and scientific fertilizer.
Leaf spraying: Dilute the product 300-500 times and use it.
Matters needing attention:
A small amount of precipitation does not affect the effect of use, stirring uniformly before use. It should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer. It needs to be diluted before use.
Shelf life: 36 months of production date: witness certificate or code

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